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Frontline subscribers may call 0047 22 12 00 95 for immediate assistance.

Support entitlement

Kamude software subcribers are entitled to:

  1. Report software defects using the webform at frontline.kamude.com
  2. Request assistance from Kamude to resolve issues involving a Kamude partner

Kamude Frontline subscribers are entitled to:

  1. Expedient user support (phone and email) backed by an aggressive SLA
  2. Assistance and advice (phone and email) on GRC-related issues and topics
  3. The right to propose and vote on features and new functionality
  4. Early access to new functionality, detailed roadmap and development notes
  5. Cost-free annual renewal of all KCO certifications through our eLearning program
  6. Access to Kamude Community equivalent to the number of administrator licenses
  7. Rebates on training and certification activities, and invites to special events
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